Himachal Pradesh Online Electricity Bill Payment hpseb.com

Himachal Pradesh Government has opened gates to online electricity bill payment through hpseb.com official portal. This service is similar to what Delhi people use through BSES portal. In this article we will guide you with step by step details on how to submit online electricity bill in HP. With this e-service, you don't need to wait in long queues for completing the billing process. Just enter your bill details and pay the amount through proper channel. You will learn below things here:

  • How to generate electricity bill in HP
  • Pay online bill in Himachal
  • Contact details of officials
  • New user registration/quick payment options
  • Useful FAQs
Unlike Delhi and most of the other states, in Himachal you will be paying electricity bill directly at official state government portal. It is mostly governed by state body and you will experience a hassle free experience every time.

How to pay Electricity Bill Online in Himachal Pradesh

As discussed earlier, state Government has its own medium to collect bills online. You can pay electricity bill online using below steps:
Electricity Bill Online in Himachal Pradesh
Electricity Bill Online in Himachal Pradesh
  • You have 2 options now. One is for Quick Pay (without login) and other is by logging in to your account
  • If you are in hurry then go with quick pay or else if you want to continue paying your bills online in future then we would suggest you to create free account (it will help you with history and other details)
  • If you choose Quick Pay, enter your K number in the box provided (it is a 10 digit number printed on your electricity bill)
  • You will be shown amount to be paid on next screen
  • Choose your payment method (online net banking and credit/debit cards) and make the transaction
  • Once you make the transaction, you will receive acknowledgment mail and it will be confirmed within next 2-3 days (whether your bill is submitted successfully or not)
  • In case of any unsuccessful transaction, your money will be refunded within next 10 days

How to create free account with Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board

As discussed already, it is preferred to create account if someone have plans to pay bills online in future. It will help you with tracking your previous entries + you will not need to fill-in details again and again. Below is how you can create free account with state electricity board:
  • If you check above link (mentioned in above section) then you will find "New User Register Here" option at center part
  • Visit this option to open below page
Account Registration with Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board
Account Registration with Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board
  • Enter K Number (KNO) printed on your electricity bill. It is same across all bills and will be unique as per the customers
  • Enter your mobile number in the second box. Make sure to enter active number here as you will be getting latest updates to this number only
  • Email ID is the last thing that you need to put in 3rd box. You will be assigned a temporary password which will be sent to this email ID
  • Once everything is done, hit the Register button and checkout your mail for temporary password
  • Login using temp password and change it immediately (you will get prompt to change it or else you can get it changed from Accounts/Settings menu)
  • You can now use email-id and password for login
Important FAQs

How safe is it to pay Electricity Bills online in HP?

If done correctly, it is 100% safe to pay your bills online. Make sure not to reveal your account details to anyone online. Be aware of phishing attacks. If you find anything dubious, please sign out from session and login again. Payment part is handled through trusted gateways so you don't need to worry much. However just be bit active to avoid any sort of bad experience.

What all payment modes are accepted for now?

As of now you can pay through net banking (all commercial banks are covered), debit and credit cards. You will not face any difficulty here.

What is K Number in Electricity Bill?

K Bill is 10 digit unique number that is unique to every customer. You can find it printed on your electricity bill.

Where will I get payment receipt/bill acknowledgment?

Once you pay the amount, it will take 2-3 days to process your request. You will get details at provided/registered email address mobile number.

Please let us know if you need any more help.


BSES Delhi Rajdhani Online Bill Payment, Duplicate Bill, Login, Name Change 2017-18 bsesdelhi.com

BSES holds responsibility of distribution un-interrupted and clean light supply across different parts of National Capital Delhi. It functions with help of BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL). BYPL covers approx 1.5 million customers (Central and East Delhi) whereas BRPL has reach over 2.2 million customers (South and West Delhi mainly). In the due course of this article, we will be explaining below points in details:
  • BSES Bill Payment Online
  • BSES Duplicate Bill
  • BSES Login
  • BSES Rajdhani Delhi
  • App to pay online electricity bill in Delhi
  • BSES new connection status
  • Complaint number
  • Change Name in BSES Electricity Bill
  • Customer Care
  • Useful FAQs
In Delhi, Electricity bill related activities are mostly online now. You can check and pay your online bills anytime now. Additional features like duplicate bill, management through dedicated apps further ease the operations.

BSES Bill Payment Online

You can pay your bill online by following below steps:

BSES Online Bill
BSES Online Bill
  • Enter your CA Number and Captcha as shown in image
  • You will now be taken to a page where details for your current cycle's bill will be shown
  • Hit the "Pay" button to open payment gateway
  • You can pay through VISA, Mastercard, Dinners/Amex Credtit cards Net banking is there but it is limited to SBI, PNB, Citi Bank, ICICI, Axis and OBC banks only. more banks are going to be added very soon
  • Upon successful payment, you will receive transaction reference number that can be considered as acknowledgment slip
This is how you can pay online electricity bills to BSES in Delhi.

BSES Duplicate Bill Online

Generating duplicate electricity bills is not a tedious task in Delhi anymore. With official portal, you can generate duplicate bills within second. Below is step by step tutorial on how to do it:
  • Visit http://www.bsesdelhi.com/HTML/billing_info.html
    BSES Duplicate Bill
    BSES Duplicate Bill
  • Enter your CRN or CA number and hit Submit option
  • CRN (Customer Relationship Number)/CA (Customer Account Number) numbers can be found on electricity bill payment slips (you can refer slips of any month)
  • You will now get duplicate copy of your electricity bill displayed on the screen
  • You can download and print it for free now
This duplicate copy can be used as reference for various eligible tasks like you want it as artifact or you simply need to store previous billing information.

BSES Delhi Registration and Login

If you are a new user then you might be looking for registering your details with Delhi Electricity online website. Here's how you can do that:
BSES Online Registration
BSES Online Registration
  • Enter your CRN or CA number that is printed on top right corner of your electricity bill
  • Choose desired password
  • Hit the Submit button
  • Your details will now be stored with official database and you can anytime modify/alter them using My Account option (you will get it after login to the portal)
This is how you can register with BSES Delhi as a new user.

Download BSES Online App

Company has come up with fully interactive mobile app that can help you with routine tasks like paying bill through mobile, checking account balance, bill statements, accessing account details and pretty  much all the things that are accessible on main website. You can download and pay electricity bills through mobile phone using below steps:
BSES Mobile App
BSES Mobile App
  • Choose your company (either BRPL or BYPL)
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Hit Submit button
  • You will get a message with download link and further instructions on your phone
  • Follow the steps to access your account through mobile phone
How to check BSES New Application Status Online

Seems like organization has worked really nice in terms of providing all essential services under one digital hood. You can track your new registration application status using below steps:
BSES New Connection Application Status
BSES New Connection Application Status
  • Enter Application Number in the box shown there
  • Use Show button to get complete details of your application
  • You will now see where your application has reached and what all actions are pending
This is how you can get to know latest status of your application with Delhi Electricity services facilitator.

How to apply for New BSES Connection Requests Online

Follow below steps (for a complete new user):
BSES New Connection Application Form
BSES New Connection Application Form
  • Choose Discomm (either BRPL or BYPL depending upon the area)
  • Enter your name, email id, mobile number and password
  • Once everything is mentioned, hit the Submit button
  • You can now login using
  • Your email ID will be login name and password will be one that you set in above steps
After login, you will be able to use all essential services provided from company side.

How to change name in Delhi Electricity Bill

You need to login to your account for changing name/address in existing electricity bill. Follow below steps:

  • Login to official portal (steps already mentioned above)
  • Visit My Accounts option
  • Look for the option to update your details
  • Enter new details and upload required artifacts if required (like ration card, birth certificate, death certificate etc)
  • Your details will be verified
  • Once validated, your new bill will start getting issues with modified details

How to pay Delhi Electricity Bill online through Paytm

You can now pay your bills through apps like Paytm, Freecharge etc. Best thing about paying through 3rd party app based vendors is attractive offer and discounts. Please follow below steps to pay your bills online through Paytm:
  • Open Paytm App or portal
  • Choose "Electricity" tab
  • Select "BSES Rajdhani - Delhi" as Electricity Board
BSES Bill through Paytm
BSES Bill through Paytm
  • Enter your Customer Number and hit the Proceed button
  • Your billing amount will now be shown on screen
  • Pay using avaiable options and collect the confirmation slip (email)
BSES Delhi Customer Care

You can get in touch with department's customer care section using below details:
Ph, 3999 9707/3999 9808
Hope this tutorial has helped you with basic queries related to electricity bill in Delhi. Department use to come up with unique and attractive offers from time to time (like pay bill through Paytm, Freecharge etc). Please stay updated with us, we will make sure to cover updated information about BSES Delhi here. If you have any queries then please let us know through comment box below.


PDS Odisha: Ration Card Online Registration, Forms, Status 2017-18 foododisha.in

Public Distribution System (PDS) is one of the major food distribution network across Odisha. Government uses this system to provide basic food items at subsidized rates. PDS is commonly also referred through Ration Card/e-bitran program etc in Orissa. You will get details on below points throughout the article:

  • e bitaran odisha
  • Ration card odisha acknowledgement receipt
  • Odisha ration card holder list
  • Village wise card list in odisha
  • Acknowledgement receipt
  • Eligibility
  • How to apply online
  • Useful FAQs
In this digital era, PDS system is also getting digital touch. It has adopted the form of e-PDS which has become an integral part of many Indian states. Odisha is also on the same track and very soon we will see e-PDS system applicable across all districts.

How to apply for Ration Card in Odisha

As of now you need to go through offline ways for e-bitran registration across the state. As soon as online approaches are evolved, we will share the step by step detail here. You can get registered with Food Supply system in Orissa using below steps:
Ration Card Application Form Odisha
Ration Card Application Form Odisha
  • Get rough idea of what you need to carry along to office
  • Once you have all the docs ready, visit nearby office and fill in all the details
  • Attach relevant artifacts as required
  • Submit the form to get the acknowledgment slip
NOTE: Please apply for relevant category as per your family income. You can apply for APL and BPL cards across state. Antyadoya, NFSA, Non-NFSA are some broader categories there (you will get complete details at nearby ration card office in Odisha).

Steps to check Ration Card Status in Odisha

Please follow below procedure to check PDS card status in Odisha:
Ration Card Status Odisha
Ration Card Status Odisha
  • Choose your District
  • Select your Block from the next drop down menu
  • Select your FPS (Fair Price Shop or Ration Depot) from drop down list
  • Hit Get Report button
You will get status of your PDS card instantly. That way we can find food card holder list as well.

How to check RC wise Final List Priority

You can use this option to have a look on priority list summary for department. If you check above link (one which we have shared shared for Status check), then you will find "RC wise FPL" option there. Visit that to get below screen:
Priority Ration Card List in Odisha
Priority Ration Card List in Odisha
Choose your district, block, ward. center. You will get drop down menus for all these options. Now enter your form number and full name. You can use "Get Report" option to view details live on screen or "Report to Excel" to import the details on Excel sheet. This will give you fair idea of prioritization of your application.

How to change name, add/delete new members from Ration Cards in Odisha

You need well formatted artifacts for any modifications in existing cards. You can ask for below changes:
  • Name change
  • Add/delete names (birth/death cases)
  • Change details for family's head
  • Address Change
  • Duplicate Card
  • etc
Please visit nearby PDA office and get the respective form. Make sure you do attach proper artifacts that can support the change. Birth, marriage, death certificates can be of great help here.

For duplicate cards, make sure you have a valid reason like your card is lost or it has become illegible.

In case you have any concerns that you want to resolve with officials, then please use below contact details:
Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department,
Odisha State Secretariat,
Sachivalaya Marg,
Unit-2, Bhubaneswar.
E-mail: food.odisha@gov.in
We are keeping our eyes on PDS activities all across Odisha, As of now we don;t see may services added to ePDS portal. Once it become fully operational, you will be able to operate most of the action items digitally. We will update you with step by step tutorials at that time. In case we miss anything or you have any updated details then please update us through comments box. 


ddoreq Telangana: DDO Bill Status, Login, Register, Salary Slips 2017-18

Telangana Government has digitized DDO Requests all across the state. Now DDO's in all organization can perform salary bill related tasks online. With help of the digital TS DDO Portal, government employees can document their salary pay bills to submit it online to Treasury website. Here in this article, you will get answers to below queries:

  • How to register with Telangana DDO portal
  • DDO Bill status
  • TS DDO Login
  • Telangana Employees Pay Slip using DDO
  • How to prepare Telangana PRC Arrears Bill
  • Useful FAQs
DDO is a very simple thing to proceed with. We have tried to feature step by step process of how to perform basic day to day tasks with online portal. In case you find anything missing please let us know though comments.


Register/Login Online with DDOReq Telangana and File Claims

Only DDO in a particular organization is expected to register and login to DDO portal. Below is step by step details on how DDO can login to online portal:

DDO Claims Online
DDO Claims Online
  • Enter your area DDO code and password
  • Hit Submit option
  • There is no change in login codes expect the Hyderabad offices that are now part of Andhra Pradesh. For them code will start from 27 and for Telangana it will start from old 25 digits
  • After login, you will see various options like Basic Pay, PF, GIS, Professional Tax etc
  • Proceed as per the requirement
This is how one can login to official portal for generating salary bill claims.

Important Instructions:

All the DDO's are requested to monthly reconciliation reports on last day of the month, If someone is unable to do so then it might cause delay in salaries for subsequent month.

How to prepare PRC Arrears Bill using DDOREQ

Below is step by step procedure on how officers can prepare PRC's using the softwrae portal. Follow below steps one by one:

  • Login to DDO portal using above mentioned steps
  • You will see below screen/options
  • Chose DA Arrears & PRC option from the left menu
  • Use Employee Aadhar Report option to verify details of employees who have linked their Aadhar Numbers with the account
  • If some employee has not linked his/her Aadhar account then make sure to get it integrated yourself. Without Aadhar card linkage, you won;t be able to generate arrears report
  • DDO can also update UIDAI entries using Aadhar Number entry option
  • Please follow this link for complete details thereafter: https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/PRC_ARR_INSTRUCIONS.pdf
This is how officers can generate PRC arrears report from the official portal.

Generate Employee Pay Slip using Telangana DDOReq

You can use the portal to generate pay slips of all government employees across the state. This function/tool is open to all the employees and anyone with valid details can generate their payslips very easily. Below is the step by step procedure of how to generate salary slips of Telangana employees:
Employee Pay Slip DDOREQ Telangana
Employee Pay Slip DDOREQ Telangana
  • Enter your employee code in the firs box
  • Enter Month and Year for which you want to generate the slip
  • Hit Submit button after filling the details
  • Your salary slip will be generated within seconds (depending upon internet speed and server load)
This is all about DDO Request across Telangana. Earlier (before Telangana came into existence), it was all a part of Andhra Pradesh state. Good news for TS officials is that the codes are not changes for any of the district (it is changed for the part of Hyderabad which falls in AP state). Please let us know if you have any queries. We would be happy to help you here.


crsorgi.gov.in Birth, Death Certificate Online Registration, Forms, Status Check, Search 2017-18

Civil Registration System or CRSorgi is a systematic approach to centralize birth and death records all across the country. With help of CRS one can register, validate, verify, print and manipulate birth/death records online. In this article, we will be helping you with below queries:
  • crsorgi.gov.in
  • crsorgi
  • crsorgi gov in Birth Certificate
  • crsorgi gov in Death Certificate
  • Online Forms
  • Status Check
  • Birth/Death Certificate Search and Download
  • Other useful FAQs
With help of CRSORGI you don't need any separate birth registration portal. You can apply for all Indian states from one centralized system. Same is the case for birth entries.

crsorgi gov in Birth Certificate Registration Online

Government has made it simpler to register with CRS. You only need to report for domiciliary births (house/home). If the birth has taken in some medical institution then it becomes duty of in charge to report concerned birth event to CRS at time. Institutional events can not be reported by any family member. Details are reported to concerned registrar office where the birth has taken place. CRS platform can only be used for domiciliary birth registrations within 21 days of the birth. If it is more than 21 days then they need to visit concerned Registrar (B&D).

You can register for birth certificate on CRSORGI using below steps:

CRSORGI Birth Registration
CRSORGI Birth Registration
  • Enter the details like user name (must be unique), email, mobile number, date of occurrence of event
  • Now enter geographical details for State/UT, District, Taluk/Sub-District, Village and Registration unit
  • Enter the shown captcha code and hit Register button
  • Now fill-in birth registration form online to best of your knowledge
  • After filling in all the details, hit Submit/Register button and take print out of the application form
  • Attach relevant documents (mentioned later in this article) and send it to concerned registrar office
  • You can find registrar office address at bottom of application form printout
  • You will get confirmation mail once the application is submitted successfully to registrar office
  • Application number will be issued against each entry which can later be used for status check from the official web portal
This is how you can register for domiciliary events within 21 days of the event/birth. If 21 days has passed already then please visit B&D office for further instructions.

Documents required for Birth Registration

For Domiciliary Registrations

  • Deceleration from parents (in prescribed proforma)
  • Self attested address proof (Voter Card, Ration Card, UIDAI Aadhar, running Bank Account, passport, telephone/electricity/water/gas bill)

For Institutional/Hospital Registrations

It is sole responsibility of concerned hospital to register birth details at concerned registrar office. You don't need to worry about anything here. However just for the precaution purpose, please ask the hospital authorities about registration. Be in constant touch with them to know latest status. You are not allowed to report any event that has taken place in some medical institution.

Are there any deadlines for Birth Registration?

Sort of YES! You are advised to register birth details within 21 days of the event. You can obviously register it later but in that case you need to go through additional formalities. Below we have summed up the entire case:

More than 21 and up to 30 days
Late Fee + Information in prescribed proforma (Form 1)
More than 30 days and less than 1 year
Late Fee + Form 1 + Form 10 (Non Availability Certificate) + Declaration/Affidavit from the applicant + Permission from the competent authority
More than 1 year
Late fee + Form 1 + Form 10 + Applicant's deceleration/affidavit + orders from first class magistrate

Check crsorgi Birth Certificate Status Online

You can check your birth certificate status online through application number generated at time of registration. Here is step by step procedure of how to check live status:
crsorgi.gov Login
crsorgi.gov Login
  • Enter your User ID and password details
  • Enter the captcha code and hit Login button
  • Check for "Status" option
  • Enter your application number and hit search button
  • You will now see live birth certificate status printed on screen
In order to make any changes to birth certificate later (name, gender, address etc) then please visit concerned office for complete procedure. For now such requests can be entertained there only.

Birth Certificate Sample Application Form PDS Download

Below are sample application forms for birth registration using CRS. Forms are divided into 2 sections.
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1-A
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1-A
These are the only two forms which should be taken as reference only. You can get them through both online and offline resources as well.

crsorgi gov in Death Certificate Registration Online

Registration for death certificate using CRSORGI is easy and follows exact steps as birth registration. You can use below steps to register death entries with the system:
  • Visit official website (similar to birth case)
  • Signup after filling all the mentioned columns
  • List down details related to activity
  • Once done, hit the submit option and print the application form
Similar like birth reports, you are requested to submit death certificate application within 21 days of the incident. Any delay will cause similar sort of troubles what we have already seen with earlier cases. In this case you need to submit Form 2 (information in prescribed proforma) and Form 10 (Non Availability Certificate) on any delay with registration. You will need permissions from government officials on same route as what we have discussed already for the case of birth registration.

Once you have death certificate with you, do not forget to remove the active entry from all possible accounts like ration card, pension system (if applicable), family's head position etc (basically wherever possible). In order to avoid any trouble during tough time, please try to complete these tasks as soon as possible.

Death Certificate Sample Application Forms PDF Download

Check out 2 samples below:
CRSORGI Death Report Form 2
CRSORGI Death Report Form 2
CRSORGI Death Report Form 3
CRSORGI Death Report Form 3
This is all about how Civil Registration System operates across country. It is mainly used for maintaining birth and death records only. As you might have anticipated from the content already, please make sure to complete all the formalities well within stipulated time of 21 days. If things are not done within this timeline, then it might become bit messy with additional approvals.

Please let us know if you have any queries with any topic related to CRS in India.


JKCAPD Jammu and Kashmir Ration Card Online Registration, Status, Search, Forms 2017-18

Jammu and Kashmir Government has provided the facilities to check details for ration card online. In the due course of this article, we will share details for online ration card related activities in J&K. It will include below items:

  • jkcapd online registration
  • Online/offline procedure to register ration card in Jammu and Kashmir
  • PDS Forms
  • Status Check
  • How to make changes to card
  • Ration card search in J&K
  • Useful FAQs
We understand that the entire PDS process is yet to be digitized across state. As of now we might not be having enough resources to meet exact requirements like applying for PDS card online or getting the pdf versions of application forms. But don't we will keep this article updated for you. As soon as something new is announced/launched, we will share the details here. If you come across anything similar then don't hesitate to share that in form of comments below.

How to apply for Ration Card in Jammu and Kashmir

As of now links for registering details online is not available. Till the time it is launched, you can follow below traditional offline way to get registered with the PDS department.
  • Visit nearby PDS office (food and supply office)
  • Get the ration card registration form from respective official
  • Do fill in asked details properly
  • Attach required artifacts like birth certificate, bills etc
  • Submit it back to officials and get the acknowledgment slip
You will need family photograph along with passport size photo of the family's head. Once you submit the application, food inspector will verify your details and if everything is found to be correct then your card will be issued within 7-30 working days.

In case you want to modify any details (name, address change or anything like) then you can visit same office to fill respective form.

Search and check Ration Card Status Online in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir citizens can now Ration Card status through interactive link. All the cards are maintained under a centralized database where one can inquire for his/her PDS card using the location details. Below is the procedure to search and check status of PDS cards in Jammu/Kashmir:

Ration Card Status Jammu and Kashmir
Ration Card Status Jammu and Kashmir
  • Choose your district
  • It will open Tehsil wise list of all the PDS card holders
  • On choosing the Tehsil, you will get Village level list
  • Choose your village to see details as per FPS (ration card shops)
  • You will now get information for applicant name, unique RC ID, Father/Spouse Name, Card Type and Annual Income
Ration Card Details Jammu and Kashmir
Ration Card Details Jammu and Kashmir
This is how you can search for any RC across entire state. It is valid for all districts/areas including Baramula, Kargil, Jammu, Udhampur, Srinagar, Kulgam, Anantnag, Badgam etc

For any queries, you can use below contact details:

Address:    Shaheed Gunj, Srinagar-190001
Phone:      +91 194-2455 019, +91 194-2455214
Fax:          +91 194-2472577
E-Mail:       info@jkdcapd.com,
Director:    directorcapdk@Yahoo.co.in
Help Line Toll Free No: 18001807011

How to make changes to Ration Card in Jammu and Kahmir

Changes are allowed for below cases:
  • Change in Age
  • Change in Address
  • Change of head of the family
  • Change of FPS
  • Mode of drawal change
  • Category change
  • Correction of inaccuracy in food card
Below is the step by step tutorial of making any of the above change to food card:
  • Download the application form from here (Form 3)
J&K Food Card Changes Form
J&K Food Card Changes Form
  • Fill in details for family head, present address, card number, FPS number etc
  • Choose the category which you want to change
  • Mention modified details at appropriate place
  • Collect required artifacts required to validate the change
  • Head over to nearby Food Supply office and submit your application there
A minimal amount of fee will be charged for each request and your modified PDS card will be prepared with 7-30 working days of the request.

Type of Ration Cards and Application Fee in Jammu-Kashmir
  • Green/Yellow Cards
Issued to BPL families.  Green cards are reserved for rural areas whereas yellow cards are for urban slums.
  • Saffron/Photo Cards
Issues to APL families. Saffron is the color for rural whereas photo cards are issued to APL families living in urban areas.
  • Honorary Cards
Issued to families who want food card for identification purpose only. No subsidy benefits are applicable for honorary cards.

You can download application form in Urdu language from here
Ration Card Application Form in Urdu
Ration Card Application Form in Urdu
Application fee for food cards are as below:

New Cards: Rs. 25 for BPL and Rs. 50 for APL

Reissue of Card: Rs. 100 for both the categories (it includes reissue for cases like duplicate ration card, lost original card, illegible text etc)

UPDATE (7/13/2017)

You don;t need to submit application in any prescribed format. You can use plane paper for fresh/reissue applications as well. However forms in prescribed format are available in all nearby office free of cost. If you want to go for computerized ration cards, then you need to pay application fee of Rs. 1/-

Please let us know if you have any open questions/queries regarding any process.