Apply Ration Card - Online/Offline here


Want to apply for ration card online or offline? Want to check various documents/formalities required for same? If yes, then you are at right place. In this article we will betaking you through below topics:
  • How to apply for Ration Card online
  • Which all Indian states are accepting online applications (will be updated regularly)
  • Formalities required
  • Any generic ration card application form that can be used across India
  • Questions from your side (in term of comments)
To start with, let we make one thing very clear. Right now digital transformation has just started in ration card/PDS side. All the state government aren't accepting online applications as of now. They have kept the things in pipeline and hopefully we will very soon have a online strong digital network where ration card can be applied and obtained through digital channels (don;t worry we will update you from time to time).

Ration Card Online
Ration Card Online

Procedure to Apply for Ration Card Online

This is one generic procedure that you can follow for your respective state. Steps are same, only difference will be in PDS web portal. Follow below guide:
  • Visit your state PDS web portal (Food Supply portal)
  • Register your account and verify it
  • Check for online registration option in Ration Card option
  • Fill in the form for details like family members, head of family, address, phone number etc
  • Scan, upload and attach the supporting documents for various artifacts
  • Pay the online fee and submit your application
  • You will receive confirmation mail along with the acknowledgment number
  • You can use this number for all future references like status check, modifications, tracking etc

How to apply for Ration Card Offline

Offline application is quite simple but a tedious one. It is the conventional way of applying and getting a ration card. Please follow below steps to register your details with ration card department offline (it is generic to all Indian states):
  1. Visit nearby ration card office (Gram Panchayat, Municipality office or District Food & Supply Department)
  2. Get the ration card application form from official there (also known as D1 form)
  3. Fill in all the details carefully (details are similar to what we have discussed in online case)
  4. Attach the similar set of documents (attested copies) that you need to attach during online activity we just mentioned above
  5. Submit the application for along with the application processing fee
  6. Get the acknowledgment slip containing the request ID for future references

Submitted the application form, What Next???

Your part is done after submitting ration card application form to the concerned authorities. Rest things will be taken care by Food Authority of your area. Someone from concerned department (food inspector mainly) will validate all the details mentioned in your form. He/she will validate the artifacts that you have attached with the application form. Food inspector may conduct surprise visit to your home for address verification and kind of things.

Once the verification is done and validated successfully, your request moves further and you receive the ration card within 15 days.

Its been more than 15 days of application submission but I haven't received the ration card yet. What to do now?

In case you haven;t received your card within 15 days of the submission of application, you need visit office where you submitted the application form. Do check for the point where your application is stuck. Clear the pending points and ask them to proceed with your application further. Sometimes it take more time because of the availability of the governing officers (like they are on holiday). In such cases you can either wait or can ask the department for alternative options.

Application fee and bribe complains related to Ration Card across India

A nominal application processing fee is asked during application form submission. It is generally in range Rs. 1-100 (Rs. 100 is max). Please do not pay anything extra in form of bribe. Do ask for payment receipts for any extra spending. Please do not involve yourself in any act of bribe for faster processing or any other similar kind of aid.

In case you are asked to do so by any of the officer then simply visit official state portal and file a complain. Try to collect some evidence/artifacts before complain. It will help you at later stage.

Please let us know if anything.