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Gujarat is one state where we can think of digital transformation coming/moving at real pace. In this article we will be discussing about ration card process in Gujarat, where we will touch upon below points:
  • Application process (online/offline both)
  • Status check
  • BPL List
  • APL List
  • Village wise ration card list
  • City wise list
  • Gujarat Ration Card details
  • Computerization process for ration card
  • and many other things
As I said above, everyone have high hope from Gujarat in terms of adopting new digital technologies. Today is the time when every little process is making its way to online clouds. Same applies for ration cards. There are many states like Delhi, UP, Kerala etc which are trying their level best to mitigate the gap between online and offline channels. Gujarat is not much behind and officials here have started the exciting journey. In Gujarat, this entire system is termed as Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS).

Gujarat Ration Card, Apply Online

Ration card application process is yet to be digitized. However you can surely get needed help through TPDS portal online. Here is how to proceed:
Ration Card Gujarat
Ration Card Gujarat
  • Download the application form and print it
  • Fill in the details completely
  • Attach all the documents that are asked in it (various proofs basically)
  • Visit nearby ration card office and submit the form copy
  • Pay the application fee
  • Get the acknowledgment ID for future reference
This is how you can apply for ration card in Gujarat online. If you check the official portal carefully, then you will find many other useful features that are mentioned below.

Area wise Ration Card list in Gujarat

If you want to check ration card list area wise (village, tehsil, taluka, district) then you need to follow below simple steps:
  • Visit
  • Select Area wise ration card details - NFSA option
  • Select year/month and enter the verification code
  • Now you will get area wise list with number of active allocated ration cards
  • Keep digging in to the required level and get the list of concerned your that you are interested in
How to check live status for Gujarat Ration Card

PDS card status in Gujarat can be checked anytime using a simple opting available on the home page. Follow below steps:
  1. Visit homepage
  2. Under Ration Card section, check for option "Know your entitlement
    Gujarat Ration Card Status Online
    Gujarat Ration Card Status Online
    1. Now you will get to fill few details related to card
    2. These are Ratio Card Number, NFSA details, GAS, number of members, type of card
    3. Once the details are entered, hit the "VIEW" button
    4. You will get to know your details soon after
    Other than this, you will get several related options like to see village/area wise ration card list, fair price shop details (customers attached to particular ration depot, price of items etc) etc on the homepage. You can view details by simply entering your card details there.

    Apply for duplicate Gujarat ration card online

    You might need to apply for duplicate ration card n Gujarat online. Duplicate cards are very helpful in case of emergencies. They are usually issued when the old ration card is lost, you have moved into new city, illegible old cards and scenarios like that. You can get yourself requested with duplicate ration cards as below:
    • Visit nearby office and get duplicate ration card form
    • Fill in the details with the reason to apply for duplicate one
    • Submit the form along with attachments and get the unique ID
    • You will be issued new ration card within 15-20 days only
    There are several other things like how to remove names, add names from ration cards, how to change address (marriage, death cases etc). We would like you to visit nearby offices directly for gaining more insights about these processes. It can be done easily but still do give a visit and let us know if anything. You can also ask your doubts to toll free number: 1800-233-5500



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