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Here in this article, you will get details on various aspects about Ration Card in Rajasthan. It will include below information as abstract:

  • How to apply and get new ration card online in Rajsathan
  • Rajasthan Rashan card form in Hindi
  • Ration card status Rajasthan
  • nfsa seeding
  • Food Department Ration Card Rajasthan
  • Ration Card search
  • Duplicate card
  • Change to existing card
  • Aadhar card integration
  • etc
We will add more topics in future as well. Rajasthan is among few states, where we can use online facilities for almost all sorts of tasks/activities related to PDS card.

Apply Online Ration Card in Rajasthan 2017-18

Follow these generic steps:
Rajasthan Ration Card Portal Login
Rajasthan Ration Card Portal Login
  • Login using your existing ID (if you have already registered there and is an active user)
  • Or else visit the "Register" option to create fresh account
  • You can create fresh account using below options
Rajasthan Ration Card Registration
Rajasthan Ration Card Registration
  • It can be done through Bhamashah ID, Aadhar ID, Facebook and Google ID's even
  • Follow the instructions and create your account there
  • For new Ration Card, select "NEW" option given at top
  • Now select "FORM 1"
  • Fill in complete details including your name, family details, address, scanned photographs, address proof etc
  • In case you want to apply for category other than APL (like BPL, Antyadoya etc), then select "Non APL" option from the Card Type menu
  • Once the details are complete in each sense (everything is mentioned along with scanned documents), hit the SUBMIT option
This is how you can submit online ration card application request in Rajasthan.

Add new member to Ration Card in Rajasthan

Adding new member to existing card can be done using below tutorial:

  • Go to SSO Rajasthan homepage
  • Check for the option “Correction in Ration Card
  • Select the Form 2 with option "Add New Member"
  • Enter details for new member (basic details)
  • Submit the application
This is fairly a very simple task using which you can add new member within minutes. Please keep handy all the scanned copies of important documents of new member to be added to the list. Documents for new and old members are same.

How to cancel, remove Ration Card in Rajasthan
  • Go to entry page and select Form 5
  • You will get a automatic page with checkbox to cancel the card
  • Tick the checkbox and mention the cancellation reason
  • Your request will be processed immediately

Check Ration Card Status in Rajasthan

Status check process in state is also digitized through new web interface. Status can be checked using below simple steps:

  • Login to the official portal
  • Visit the tab View Status
  • You can find it is Master Menu
  • Fill in your form number
  • Hit the Search option
You will get live status of your PDS card instantly. This status check can also be used for correction case (where you have applied for some sort of modifications).

How to Search any Ration Card in Rajasthan

You can search your card on basis of multiple verticals. These can be your area, card number, location, mobile number, father/mother name etc. Simply follow below checkpoints to search any PDS card across state:
  • Login to SSO system
  • Hover over to Master Menu and select "Full Text Search" option
  • Drill down to your locality by selecting Area Type, Block/Nagarpalika, Panchayat/Ward No and Village
  • Once it is done, you can search your card on basis of your name, mobile number, ration card number, Father/Mother name, location etc
This utility is helpful in case where applicant need to check details for PDS card and he/she doesn't have it handy that time.

You can refer this link for complete information:

How to transfer Rajasthan Ration Card to another state or other village/district within same state?

Form 9 and Form 7 can be used for these tasks. First let we explain you inter state transfer. After that we will come to intrastate part. So in order to switch your PDS card from Rajasthan to some other state, you will have to go through below tasks:

  • Choose the option "Form -9 Other State Transfer" from Master menu and generate a slip
  • Now visit the entry page and click Form -9 Other State Transfer option
  • Fill in the address details
  • Mention the "Reason for Transfer"
  • Upload enclosures and other required documents
  • Now your card will be processed at BDO/E0 level
  • You can print out transfer certificate from “Print Ration Card” link
Process for intrastate transfer is on similar grounds as well. Only different thing is Form Number selection. In this case, you need to select Form 7.

If you have any doubts and queries then you can directly reach out to officials using below contact details:

Ration card Office Address: Room Number 6203, Mantralaya Bhawan, 381, Civil Lines, Jaipur- 302005
Phone No.- 0141-2227563