Tamil Nadu (TN) Birth Certificate 2017, Apply Online, Search, Download


Like Ration Card in Tamil Nadu, birth certificate is too a critical document used all across the state. Here in this article you will find answers to all your birth certificate related queries in Tamil Nadu. It will include:

  • Birth certificate forms
  • Online procedure to apply for birth certificate in TN
  • Status check
  • Online verification
  • Download and print birth certificate in Tamil Nadu
  • etc
Please note that the procedure remains same across all state. It include areas like Chennai, Vellore, Tirunelveli, Coimbtore etc (we will keep adding more areas in future).

How to register Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu (Online/Offline)

TN Government is working towards building an online portal where registration and other parts can be automated completely. However it will take time and till then you will have to go through offline procedures only. Once the setup of the portal is completed, we will share details here. Till then, you can follow below steps to apply a birth certificate across TN:
  • Visit your nearby Gram Panchayat or Municipality office
  • Get the birth certificate registration form there
  • Fill in all the details completely
  • Also attach the supported artifacts (delivery proof, ID cards etc)
  • Get the acknowledgment slip
  • Your details will be added to system and you will get new birth certificate in coming 30 days
It is suggested to apply for new birth certificate within 21 days of the birth. It is not like you won't be able to register birth after 21 days or anything like. You can, but with additional permissions from high level government officials along with late fee. To avoid any such cases, it is suggested to get everything done within first 21 days of the birth.

Tamilnadu Birth Certificate
Tamilnadu Birth Certificate

Whenever you visit the registration office, please make sure to carry below documents alongside:
  • Place of birth
  • Hospital birth register copy (if delivery is done in hospital)
  • Hospital details (name, address etc)
  • Parents ID proof

Search and verification of Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu

TN Government has made it easy to search and verify birth details online itself. You can follow below steps for searching and verifying any birth certificate across state:
Search Birth Certificate in TN
Search Birth Certificate in TN
  • Visit the URL mentioned there
  • Go to "Verification/Printing of Birth Certificate" option
  • Choose your Gender, DOB and enter the verification code
  • You will get list of all people who were born on your selected day (filter on Gender)
  • Please search your certificate (you can use ctrl+f and your name method to find the name quickly)
  • Download it and check for the error (if any)
This is how you can search, download and print any birth certificate in TN. You can download the pdf version of application form using this link: https://www.tn.gov/assets/entities/health/attachments/ph-1654.pdf

Birth Certificate Fee

Within 21 days: No fee (Rs. 25 for birth certificate copy)
After 21 days and up to 1 year: Rs. 25 late fee
After 1 year: Rs. 50 late fee

Where a Birth Certificate can be used?
As we said in the very beginning, birth certificate is among most crucial documents of all time. Ideally it is supposed to be the very first document where infant's details are linked with government records. You can later use this proof for other government docs like ration card, school registration. passport, PAN card, UIDAI Aadhar cards etc. It can be used anywhere where you want to show age's proof.

Ways to register birth details in case of hospital and home births
Many people are confused between these two parts. What need to be done in both the cases. In case the delivery is done in a hospital, then the hospital staff will make an entry to their birth register. You need to have a copy of their register's entry for any further proceedings with the birth registration department. Many hospitals have started issuing medical certificates as well, you can use these certificates also.

In case the birth was done at home, you don't need to go through these steps. Simply visit nearby registration office and register the details using above mentioned steps.

Please let us know if any doubts. Or else you can reach out to officials using below details:
Zonal Officer- Zone I(Thiruvottriyur)
No.947,Thiruvotriyur High Road,Chennai – 600019.
Phone:94451 90001/25993494

Steps for remaining steps:

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