Kerala Birth Certificate Online Procedure, Forms, Status Check 2017


Birth Certificate in Kerala is an important document that can now be registered through multiple ways. India is on the way of digital revolution where all essential services are being provided through e-channels. Birth certificate is soon going to enter the same league. As of now (2017), most of the Indian states haven't adopted for online birth registration but you will definitely find lot of informative stuff about how to get your details registered with department online/offline. In this article, we will share below details:

  • Procedure for getting birth certificate in Kerala
  • Birth certificate correction Kerala
  • Birth Certificate Kerala Panchayat
  • Application forms
  • Status check
  • Common and useful FAQs
As of now, Kerala Birth Registration department is yet to set interactive platform for online registration (as they have for marriage registration). As soon as they sets it up, we will guide you with step by step procedure here. Till then you need to adopt old conventional ways only.

How to register Birth Certificate in Kerala

Follow below steps:
  • Visit nearby birth registration office in Kerela (Gram Panchayat at rural and municipality office at urban level mostly)
  • Get the application form, you can check the sample from here:
  • Fill in complete details like Name, Time/Place of birth, Parents detail etc
  • Attach all relevant artifacts required as per the application form
  • Submit it to concerned authorities
After the submission, your details will be validated and if everything is found correct then you will be issued birth certificate within 7-30 working days.

How to check and Search Birth Certificate in Kerala

You can search any birth certificate online in Kerala. Here is how to do that:
Search Kerala Birth Certificate
Search Kerala Birth Certificate
  • Choose your district (Thiruvanthapuram/Trivandurm, Kollam, Idduki, Alappuzha etc all districts are mentioned there)
  • Select Local Body Type. It depends upon locality and will be either Municipality or Corporation or Gram Panchayat (depends on the area you live in)
  • Now select your Local Body and Submit the search
  • You will now get list of birth certificates as per year
  • Choose your year of birth to get below form
Kerala Birth Certificate Form
Kerala Birth Certificate Form

  • Fill in the details and hit "Search" button
Your details will now be fetched against centralized database and relevant results will be shown thereafter.

In order to verify your birth certificate details, you need to follow below simple steps:
Kerala Birth Certificate Verification
Kerala Birth Certificate Verification
  • You have the option to either verify your details through address level or through Key Number that is provided at time of registration
  • Choose the one that you want to proceed with and hit Submit button
  • You details will now be printed on the next screen/tab
  • You can now verify your details and can ask for amendments if any
Best time to apply for Birth Certificate

As such there are no hard and fast rules about best time to get a birth certificate. However it is suggested to apply for one within first 21 days of the birth. Reason is no provisioning of late fee and any sort of approvals. If you apply after 21 days then you need to pay late fee (minimal amount though) along with additional permissions from government officials.

Birth certificate is a useful document that can later be used for several purposes. It can be used during school admission, passport application, Ration card and simply anywhere where you need to show your age's proof. In case you want to make changes to birth certificate (name changes mainly) then you need to submit application along with proofs to support your name change (or anything else that you want to get altered from birth certificate).

Please let us know if you have any concerns/doubts.

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