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Maharashtra is one among the most important states in India (in almost all senses). In this article we will explain birth certificate process in Maharashtra. This process is same across all cities like Pune, Mumbai, Nanded, Solapur, Thane, Nasik, Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Bhiwandi, Pimpri Chinchwad etc. We will be covering below details here:

India these days is heading towards Digital era. Almost all the essential things are getting shifted to online platforms (e-platforms to be more precise). Similar is the case with essential services like birth certificates, ration cards etc

How to register for Birth Certificate in Maharashtra - Online/Offline

We tried checking every possible clue for online birth registration in state. However for now it seems like they don't have one. As soon as government (or any other vendor) launches the online birth registration portal for Maharashtra, we will be sharing the complete step by step guide here. Till then we request you to proceed with below offline steps only:
  • Visit nearby municipality office (or Gram Panchayat/Tehsildar office in rural area)
  • Get the registration form from authorities and fill in complete details
  • Attach all relevant documents like ID card of parents (duplicate copies), birth register copy from the hospital, name/place of birth, time of birth etc
  • Submit the completely filled application form back to authorities and pay the registration fee (will not be much, Rs. 1-50 range only)
After you submit the registration form, your given details will be validated and you will be given original Birth Certificate within 30 working days. In case if anything is found dodgy with the application, you always have the chance to correct that. Across entire Maharashtra, birth certificates are either published/issue by Municipality office or respective Tehsildar office at Taluka level. In case you have any concerns related to birth certificate then you can anytime rush to your nearby municipality/tehsildar office for interrogation.

Get Birth Certificate Status in Maharashtra

As we discussed above, government is yet to release official dedicated portal where one can handle all birth related activities online. Till that time, you can try your luck with official portal It will help you with all basic amenities like checking validity, authenticity of any of the state body issue card. It will also help you with checking latest recruitment, vacancies across the state. Moreover you can utilize it to book bus, marine tickets online as well.

Maharashtra Birth Certificate
Maharashtra Birth Certificate
There are high chances of clubbing birth registration elements on the same portal as well. So please have a look and let us know if you see anything related and relevant (although we will keep checking it on regular basis but still if you find any updated information then please let us know through comments. We will then share complete step by step process here).

By the time the portal is fixed, you can always contact nearby authorities for latest status. Better approach will be to get contact number of any employee from birth registration office (you can take it during registration process). Wait for given date/time and if your card is still not issued, you can get in touch with the respective person.

Why Birth Certificate is required in Maharashtra, its importance

It is ideally the first document that registers an infant's identity with the official records. If you apply for birth certificate at right time then it will help you with other integrations (like Aadhar card, PAN card, Ration Card, Passport etc). It will also help you during school admissions. In short it will act as a base wherever you need to verify your age.

What all documents are required?

Probably it is the only card were you don't need to carry bulky artifact's files. You can register for a birth certificate using a simple photocopy of birth register of respective hospital (where the infant was born). In case of deliveries done at home, you can head over with ID card of parents (you will need them in case of hospital deliveries as well).

Is there any provision of late fee?

Well, it is suggested to apply for a birth certificate within 21 days of the birth. If you apply within 21 days then no late fee or other formality will be required. However if you apply after this span, you will need to pay late fee along with written permissions from government officials.

Please let us know if you need any more details.

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