BSES Delhi Rajdhani Online Bill Payment, Duplicate Bill, Login, Name Change 2017-18


BSES holds responsibility of distribution un-interrupted and clean light supply across different parts of National Capital Delhi. It functions with help of BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL). BYPL covers approx 1.5 million customers (Central and East Delhi) whereas BRPL has reach over 2.2 million customers (South and West Delhi mainly). In the due course of this article, we will be explaining below points in details:
  • BSES Bill Payment Online
  • BSES Duplicate Bill
  • BSES Login
  • BSES Rajdhani Delhi
  • App to pay online electricity bill in Delhi
  • BSES new connection status
  • Complaint number
  • Change Name in BSES Electricity Bill
  • Customer Care
  • Useful FAQs
In Delhi, Electricity bill related activities are mostly online now. You can check and pay your online bills anytime now. Additional features like duplicate bill, management through dedicated apps further ease the operations.

BSES Bill Payment Online

You can pay your bill online by following below steps:

BSES Online Bill
BSES Online Bill
  • Enter your CA Number and Captcha as shown in image
  • You will now be taken to a page where details for your current cycle's bill will be shown
  • Hit the "Pay" button to open payment gateway
  • You can pay through VISA, Mastercard, Dinners/Amex Credtit cards Net banking is there but it is limited to SBI, PNB, Citi Bank, ICICI, Axis and OBC banks only. more banks are going to be added very soon
  • Upon successful payment, you will receive transaction reference number that can be considered as acknowledgment slip
This is how you can pay online electricity bills to BSES in Delhi.

BSES Duplicate Bill Online

Generating duplicate electricity bills is not a tedious task in Delhi anymore. With official portal, you can generate duplicate bills within second. Below is step by step tutorial on how to do it:
  • Visit
    BSES Duplicate Bill
    BSES Duplicate Bill
  • Enter your CRN or CA number and hit Submit option
  • CRN (Customer Relationship Number)/CA (Customer Account Number) numbers can be found on electricity bill payment slips (you can refer slips of any month)
  • You will now get duplicate copy of your electricity bill displayed on the screen
  • You can download and print it for free now
This duplicate copy can be used as reference for various eligible tasks like you want it as artifact or you simply need to store previous billing information.

BSES Delhi Registration and Login

If you are a new user then you might be looking for registering your details with Delhi Electricity online website. Here's how you can do that:
BSES Online Registration
BSES Online Registration
  • Enter your CRN or CA number that is printed on top right corner of your electricity bill
  • Choose desired password
  • Hit the Submit button
  • Your details will now be stored with official database and you can anytime modify/alter them using My Account option (you will get it after login to the portal)
This is how you can register with BSES Delhi as a new user.

Download BSES Online App

Company has come up with fully interactive mobile app that can help you with routine tasks like paying bill through mobile, checking account balance, bill statements, accessing account details and pretty  much all the things that are accessible on main website. You can download and pay electricity bills through mobile phone using below steps:
BSES Mobile App
BSES Mobile App
  • Choose your company (either BRPL or BYPL)
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Hit Submit button
  • You will get a message with download link and further instructions on your phone
  • Follow the steps to access your account through mobile phone
How to check BSES New Application Status Online

Seems like organization has worked really nice in terms of providing all essential services under one digital hood. You can track your new registration application status using below steps:
BSES New Connection Application Status
BSES New Connection Application Status
  • Enter Application Number in the box shown there
  • Use Show button to get complete details of your application
  • You will now see where your application has reached and what all actions are pending
This is how you can get to know latest status of your application with Delhi Electricity services facilitator.

How to apply for New BSES Connection Requests Online

Follow below steps (for a complete new user):
BSES New Connection Application Form
BSES New Connection Application Form
  • Choose Discomm (either BRPL or BYPL depending upon the area)
  • Enter your name, email id, mobile number and password
  • Once everything is mentioned, hit the Submit button
  • You can now login using
  • Your email ID will be login name and password will be one that you set in above steps
After login, you will be able to use all essential services provided from company side.

How to change name in Delhi Electricity Bill

You need to login to your account for changing name/address in existing electricity bill. Follow below steps:

  • Login to official portal (steps already mentioned above)
  • Visit My Accounts option
  • Look for the option to update your details
  • Enter new details and upload required artifacts if required (like ration card, birth certificate, death certificate etc)
  • Your details will be verified
  • Once validated, your new bill will start getting issues with modified details

How to pay Delhi Electricity Bill online through Paytm

You can now pay your bills through apps like Paytm, Freecharge etc. Best thing about paying through 3rd party app based vendors is attractive offer and discounts. Please follow below steps to pay your bills online through Paytm:
  • Open Paytm App or portal
  • Choose "Electricity" tab
  • Select "BSES Rajdhani - Delhi" as Electricity Board
BSES Bill through Paytm
BSES Bill through Paytm
  • Enter your Customer Number and hit the Proceed button
  • Your billing amount will now be shown on screen
  • Pay using avaiable options and collect the confirmation slip (email)
BSES Delhi Customer Care

You can get in touch with department's customer care section using below details:
Ph, 3999 9707/3999 9808
Hope this tutorial has helped you with basic queries related to electricity bill in Delhi. Department use to come up with unique and attractive offers from time to time (like pay bill through Paytm, Freecharge etc). Please stay updated with us, we will make sure to cover updated information about BSES Delhi here. If you have any queries then please let us know through comment box below.