CEO Telangana (TS) : Voter ID Card Apply Online, Status, Forms, List, Search 2017


CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) Telangana is a constitutional body that functions under the regulations from Election Commission of India. Aim of ceotelangana is to plan and conduct general and bye-elections throughout the state. Here in this article you will get glimpse to below topics:

  • CEO Telangana
  • CEO TS Status
  • Voter ID Card Registration
  • Status
  • CEO Forms (form 6, form 8)
  • Voter ID Search
  • Voter ID List
  • etc
As of now CEO Telangana holds responsibilities for below activities:
  • Preparing and maintaining electoral rolls
  • Photo ID cards related to voters
  • Maintaining and building polling stations
  • Education of voters
  • Educating common people about election laws, powers and limit

How to Register for New Voter ID Card in Telangana CEO

You need to fill Form 6 to get your details registered with Telangana CEO. It is an e-process which gives you the freedom to apply for it online. Below is steps by step guide of how to register your name for the first time in Telangana voter list:
Telangana CEO Voter Card Registration
Telangana CEO Voter Card Registration
  • Choose your district
  • Choose Assembly Constituency
  • You can register for two categories: First time voter or shifted to another constituency
  • Upload your photograph, age proof (birth certificate, passport etc), address proof (ration card, passport etc)
  • Now fill your personal details like name, address, disabilities, phone number, email-id, DOB etc. If you need help with any column then please let us know
  • Once the form is filled completely, hit the Submit button
Your details are now uploaded to CEO database and you will get unique application ID (registration number) after this. Please note this number carefully as it will be required for all further checks (like you want to check status, make some corrections etc).

Check Voter ID Status in Telangana

Follow below steps to check your CEO Voter ID card status in TS:
Search Telangana Voter ID Card Status
Search Telangana Voter ID Card Status
  • Choose whether you want to check on basis of your application id or your House Number
  • Now choose the relevant Form number (Form 6 for New applications, Form 7 for any kind of objections to inclusion of name, Form 8 for corrections in card and Form 8A for transpose card)
  • Enter the reference number in the box now (either application id or house number)
  • Hit the Search button
Your live voter ID card status will now be printed on the screen.

How to fill CEO TS Form No 7 in Telangana

Form 7 can be used for any of the below needs:
  • Objection of inclusion of name in the list
  • Deleting own name from the voter list
  • Deleting name of other person from the electoral roll (death or constituency transfer)
Form 7 is an useful form that can be used for any of the above mentioned purpose. Below are the steps for how to request some task using Form 7 in CEO TS:
Form 7 CEO Telangana
Form 7 CEO Telangana
  • Choose your District and Assembly Constituency
  • Choose the reason to fill from number 7
  • Enter personal details
  • Fill in the form completely and hit Submit button at the end
You don't need to upload any sort of documents for this process.

How to correct/change Name, Address, Photo, Gender, Date of Birth, Age in Telangana Voter Card

Any sort of corrections to Telangana EPIC card can be done using Form Number 8. Below is how to fill CEO Form Number 8 to correct your details:
Telangana CEO Form Number 8
Telangana CEO Form Number 8
  • Choose your district and constituency
  • Upload your photograph, age proof (optional) and address proof
  • Now fill in applicant's details
  • Choose the reason to submit form 8 (name changes, address change or whatever). Below are the changes that are allowed using this form
Form 8 Changes Allowed
Form 8 Changes Allowed
  • Now enter the correct details (details with which you want to replace existing entries) in next set of columns
  • Once it is done, enter Place and date of submission
  • Hit Submit option now
Your will get unique application ID that can be used to check application status at any point of time. We have already explained the process of checking status above. In case you are shifting from one place to other and want you card to follow the same (you will obviously have to do that), you can fill form 8 using this link:

There is provision of Form-19 that is applicable for Council Constituency related activities. You can get more details on the homepage.

How to Search Name and Polling Station in Telangana

You can know your polling station in Telangana online now. It is a much needed service that helps voters know the details about polling stations where they are supposed to exercise their voting powers. Below is the step by step guide on how to search any name and associated polling station in TS:
Search Polling Station and Name in Telangana
Search Polling Station and Name in Telangana
  • Choose your District and AC name
  • Enter Number, Name and Photo ID card number
  • Hit Search button
  • You will get the required details now
Please do not search using your initials and surnames. If you want to search as per house number then keep Name field empty.

If you have any concerns, you can either use 1951 helpline or can use below contact details to reach out to officials directly:

Sri Bhanwar Lal, IAS
Chief Electoral Officer &
Ex-Officio Special Chief Secretary to Govt.
Phone: 040-23457317
Fax: 040-23455781.

This is all about different procedures under CEO Telangana. Please let us know if you want any more details to be covered.