Check Ration Card Status India Online Here 2017-18


Check Ration Card Status online in Andaman and Nicobar islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Delhi – national capital territory, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha (orissa), Punjab, Puducherry (Pondicherry), Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal states.

In this article, we will help you with steps for checking rasan card status online in any Indian State or Union Territories. India is on its way of digital transformation. Today all Indian states are trying their level best to launch as many e services as possible. Ration card is not left much behind. Things have started taking shapes about the realization of digital world.

There are still many states where online platforms for checking status of ration card is yet to be developed/launched. We request you to go with traditional old school ways to check live status there (simply contact some official from the ration card office). We will keep this article updated with tutorials for all the states where the platforms are yet to be launched.

How to Check Ration Card Status 2017-18 Online

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Yet to be launched. So you will have to go through conventional ways of checking status here.

UPDATE: You can now check details for your card using Ration Card Number. Please follow below steps to do so:
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Ration Card Status
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Ration Card Status
  • Enter your card number in the box provided there
  • Hit "View Report" after entering the correct number
You will now get complete details for your given card number.

Arunachal Pradesh

Data digitization process is active in state there days. Work on status checking portal has also started. Although it is in its initial phase only, but still you can check your PDS card status in ARunachal using below steps:
Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card Status Check
Arunachal Pradesh Ration Card Status Check
  • Check for the Download column
  • You will get specific links to download ration card details for particular districts
  • Download them and check your details there
As soon as more options are added there (like checking live status through ration card number or receipt number), we will update you.


It also lies in same category. In Assam, you can get list of ration card holders across different districts/areas very easily. However the portal dedicated to card number system is yet to be formed. Below is how you can check details of your PDS card across Assam:
Assam Ration Card Status
Assam Ration Card Status
  • Choose your district and visit it, it will open up details as per Tehsils in that particular district
  • Select the district to see Village wise distribution list
  • From here you can get your card details easily


As of now you won't get direct options to check details instantly. However we would suggest you to have a read of this piece: Bihar Ration Card Details It will help you with most of the details. When the ration card status checking in Bihar service is launched officially, we will let you know here.


We do not see any live list of PDA cards in Chandigarh yet. We will have a look on it, in the mean time if you have any updates about it then please let us know. We will share the tutorials here (with your citation).


Getting rashan card details in Chhattisgarh is almost similar to what we have cussed earlier in case of Assam. Follow below steps to get details:
Ration Card Status Details in Chhattisgarh
Ration Card Status Details in Chhattisgarh
  • It is an interactive page where you can see details as per ration card color (pink, blue and green)
  • Visit your district to open the list of villages/Vikas Khand
  • Now go to the category you want to checking (for instance Jagadalpur Vikas Khand in Bastar district will open as shown in below image)
Chhattisgarh Ration Card Details
Chhattisgarh Ration Card Details
  • It will open up the list as per ration card shop number, village, working body and card type
  • Choose your card type against the village and visit the number associated with it
  • You will now get list of all ration card holders (names you will see there)
  • Check for your name and get the live details

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

No details for now, will update you once the things are working and are in proper condition.

Daman and Diu

You will be able to get details in future at Will share the tutorial once it is live and working.

Delhi – National Capital Territory

Delhi has one of the best services when it comes about ration card status in Delhi. Below is how to check it:

Ration Card Status Delhi
Ration Card Status Delhi
  • Enter Aadhar card number of any of the family member included in the card
  • Enter NFS Application ID or online citizen ID in the next bar
  • After this enter new and old ration card numbers (it must have been issued during time of registration)
  • Hit Search button
This procedure is application for applicants who have applied under NFSA 2013 only. In case you are a new applicant and are applying for ration card for the very first time then you can leave old card number field blank.


In Goa you can view details for your ration card in North and South parts. It is distributed as per ration card colour/category (AAY, PHH, APL, BPL, NFSA, Non-NFSA) and can be accessed through below steps:
Goa Ration Card Status
Goa Ration Card Status
  • Choose the district that you want to discover (either North Goa or South Goa)
  • It will now split as per Taluka/Tehsil
  • If you dig down further then you will get village wise RC details
  • Select your village and name of the head of the family
RC details will now be printed on your screen.


In Gujarat you can view your RC status using two ways. One is by simply entering ration card number and other is using remaining parameters in your card (like member's name, NFSA, Card Category etc). Below are step by step procedure on how to check your Gujarat Ration Card Status:

Gujarat Ration Card Status
Gujarat Ration Card Status
  • Either you can check status by giving RC number
  • Or else you can also check it using other mentioned details
  • Enter the required detail and hit View option
You will get your status within seconds now (depending upon the internet speed). Options on the portal are listed in Gujarati as well, so it is helpful for all the aspirants who wish to check details using Gujarati.


Simply follow below steps to check your Ration Card Status in Haryana:

Ration Card Status Haryana
Ration Card Status Haryana
  • You will here be able to view details for all 21 districts
  • Visit the one that belongs to you
  • It will open another list separated by Tehsil
  • Visit your respective Tehsil to see details as er FPS (fair price shop or ration depot's)
  • It will go down to Village>>Family's Head
This is how you can check details for RC in Haryana.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Government has recently launched e-PDS portal where one can manage ration card/aadhar card related work online itself. Below is how you can search and check status for your RC in Himachal Pradesh:

Ration Card Status Himachal Pradesh
Ration Card Status Himachal Pradesh
  • In the Input-Type column select Ration Card ID option
  • Enter your number/ID in the next box
  • Hit Search after entering the correct values
  • You will get latest status for your request thereafter
Not only this, you can also check PDS food items availability, nearby shops, prices etc on the portal as well.

Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir currently have around 30 lakh active ration cards all across the state. We do have the online platforms to track PDS related activities online in J&K. Below is how you can check your ration card details in Jammu and Kashmir:

Ration Card Status Jammu and Kashmir
Ration Card Status Jammu and Kashmir
  • You will now see details separated as per all 23 districts in state
  • Choose your district to open Tehsil wise records
  • After choosing your Tehsil, you will get list as per Village
  • Choose your village to get FPS (Fair Price Shop) details
  • You will get details for total number of cards, category wise cards (AAY, APL, BPL, PHH etc) in that particular FPS


Jharkhand is an important state for such activities. It do have a portal where such activities can be tracked online. You can check ration card status for Jharkhand using below steps:

Ration Card Status Jharkhand
Ration Card Status Jharkhand
  • Choose your District and Village
  • You have two options, either to search details as per Village/Ward or Dealer
  • Select your card type now (PH, AAY, White) and hit Search button
  • If you don't want to go through all these formalities and have the ration card number, then you can directly enter in the given box to get live status as per it as well


As of now, facility for checking status is limited to Bengalore only. It will be replicated for remaining Karnataka districts very soon (will let you know). Below is how to check live status:
Ration Card Status Karnataka
Ration Card Status Karnataka
  • Now either select "Application Status of New Ration Card Applied" or "Status of Ration Card" option
RC Status check for new applications in Karnataka
RC Status check for new applications in Karnataka
  • Select your area (Urban/Rural)
  • Enter the acknowledgment number that your got after registration
  • Hit the Go option now
Your status will be displayed on screen.


If you are a new user and want to apply for the card first time (or any other activity related to it) then please refer to our old article, Ration Card process in Kerala. You will get details for status checking there also, however we have summed up the detailed steps below as well:

Ration Card Status Kerala
Ration Card Status Kerala
  • It will show total number of ration cards allocated all across state
  • Visit the number (total number of cards) to open the list district wise
District Wise Ration Cards in Kerala
District Wise Ration Cards in Kerala
  • Visit the district to open it as per the area wise and ARD level details
  • You can then view details using the name of the head of the family
This is how you can check PDA card status in Kerala.


Currently we do not find any active service to check status for Lakshadweep (if you know the way then please share with us through comments). However please use below toll free number to get your queries cleared related to PDS across the state:

Madhya Pradesh

As of today, MP Ration Card Status is limited to BPL category only. You can get details/list of BPL families in Madhya Pradesh. Below is how to do that:

BPL Families in Madhya Pradesh
BPL Families in Madhya Pradesh
  • Choose your district, local body, panchayat/zone and category type (All BPL, AAY, Yellow, Blue Card)
  • Enter the captcha and hit GO button
  • You will get details for selected category in respective area


We haven't found any evident method to check online ration card status in Maharashtra. Till the time any useful method/portal is launched, please use old conventional way to check your status. Have you eye here as we will upload the steps as soon as they are availed (request you to update if you get across any).


Follow below steps:

Ration Card Status Manipur
Ration Card Status Manipur
  • You will see details as per 9 Manipur districts
  • Choose your district to see details for Tehsils
  • You can now choose your Tehsil to get details on village level
You won't be able to go beyond this level. Here you will be able to get village level details that include number of cards issued category wise (AAY and PHH).


Ration Card Status Meghalaya
Ration Card Status Meghalya
  • You will get details on basis of districts (11 districts)
  • Choose your respective district to open the list on basis of Tehsils
  • You have two options thereafter, one is to open the list on basis of fair price shops or on basis of villages
  • Choose the required one to get further details


It is pretty similar to what we have alreday discussed for Meghalaya and Manipur. Follow below steps to get your status:

Ration Card Mizoram
Ration Card Mizoram
  • On choosing your DSCO, you will see list for various villages
  • You will see details for particular village for various categories and other important things
  • No further level is available to dig in


You can get details from

Odisha (Orissa)

No active measure is found for now. Till the time something useful comes, please use the conventional way of getting your status directly from the PDS office. Odhisa is too falling under NFSA category now and we have high hopes from government to develop a centralized database of all active PDS card holders. It will then be very easy to search or check status of any request.


Punjab have a dedicated portal to search and get status of any active ration card across entire state. Below we have explained the step by step process of how to check ration card status in Punjab:

Ration Card Status Punjab
Ration Card Status Punjab
  • Choose your district from the drop down menu
  • After this choose your block (from the drop down list as well)
  • Choose village and FPS thereafter
  • Once you have chose all fields, hit the View Report option
  • You will get details for all ration card holders for combination of district-block-village-fps shop
List will show card details with family member names, subsidy given, head of the family etc format.

Puducherry (Pondicherry)

No interactive portal is launched for status check in Puducherry. So please use conventional method to get your card's status across the area. You can also contact officials using below details.
Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer AffairsIndustrial Estate Road, Thattanchavadi, Puducherry-605009, India. Ph : +91-413-2251691, 2253345 Fax : +91-413-2253345Email : civil.pon [at]


Checking ration card status in Rajasthan is really a very easy and fast process. It is a one step process that allows you to have rationuid or form number with you. Follow below steps to check status instantly:

Ration Card Status Rajasthan
Ration Card Status Rajasthan
  • Enter your details in the box provided there
  • Hit Check Status button
You will get your stats instantly now.


Status checking portal for Sikkim is not working currently. We are keeping our eye on it (requesting you to do the same) and will share the updates as soon as the portal is up and running.

Tamil Nadu

Ration Card Status in Tamilnadu can be checked online easily. TN Government has build a dedicated PDS portal where you can check all RC related details easily. Below is how you can check your application status:

Ration Card Status Tamil Nadu
Ration Card Status Tamil Nadu
  • You will get the space to enter your reference number
  • Enter your reference number and hit Registration/Search option

Telangana is known for e-services and same is applicable for PDS. You can check your PDS Card status in Telangana as below:

Ration Card Status Telangana
Ration Card Status Telangana
  • Choose your district
  • Enter RO number
  • Hit "Get Details" option
You will get live status for your rashan card instantly.


Follow below steps one by one:

Ration Card Status Tripura
Ration Card Status Tripura
  • Choose your District
  • Select the Subdivision from drop down menu, then block ward and FPS
  • Once everything is done, hit View Report option
It will give you the report of all PDS cards that are being served under that particular FPS within your selected ward and other parameters.

Uttar Pradesh

Being the most populous Indian state, it becomes state government's responsibility to provide as many e-services as possible. Fortunately UP is on right track in terms of e-services. Below is how you can check ration card status in Uttar Pradesh:

Ration Card Status UP
Ration Card Status UP
  • Choose your district, area and town
  • Next choose your card type (Antyadoya, other)
  • Enter family's head name and his/her father's name (it is optional though)
  • Enter your card number and hit Search button
This is how simple to check PDS card status live in Uttar Pradesh.


Yet to be launched. So please use old traditional way of getting your card status in UK (we have discussed the traditional method at the beginning of the article).

West Bengal

Below is the step by step procedure of how to check ration card status online in West Bengal:

Ration Card Status West Bengal
Ration Card Status West Bengal
  • Choose your district, sub-division, block, FPS, card category and beneficiary name
  • Once it is done, hit the Submit button
Your card details/status will now be printed on the screen.

This is all about how to check Ration Card status across all Indian states. As we said in the beginning, we are keeping an active eye on all the states where this service is yet to be launched. In the mean time if you have any updates or want to share something useful, please use the comment box below.



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