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Civil Registration System or CRSorgi is a systematic approach to centralize birth and death records all across the country. With help of CRS one can register, validate, verify, print and manipulate birth/death records online. In this article, we will be helping you with below queries:
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  • Other useful FAQs
With help of CRSORGI you don't need any separate birth registration portal. You can apply for all Indian states from one centralized system. Same is the case for birth entries.

crsorgi gov in Birth Certificate Registration Online

Government has made it simpler to register with CRS. You only need to report for domiciliary births (house/home). If the birth has taken in some medical institution then it becomes duty of in charge to report concerned birth event to CRS at time. Institutional events can not be reported by any family member. Details are reported to concerned registrar office where the birth has taken place. CRS platform can only be used for domiciliary birth registrations within 21 days of the birth. If it is more than 21 days then they need to visit concerned Registrar (B&D).

You can register for birth certificate on CRSORGI using below steps:

CRSORGI Birth Registration
CRSORGI Birth Registration
  • Enter the details like user name (must be unique), email, mobile number, date of occurrence of event
  • Now enter geographical details for State/UT, District, Taluk/Sub-District, Village and Registration unit
  • Enter the shown captcha code and hit Register button
  • Now fill-in birth registration form online to best of your knowledge
  • After filling in all the details, hit Submit/Register button and take print out of the application form
  • Attach relevant documents (mentioned later in this article) and send it to concerned registrar office
  • You can find registrar office address at bottom of application form printout
  • You will get confirmation mail once the application is submitted successfully to registrar office
  • Application number will be issued against each entry which can later be used for status check from the official web portal
This is how you can register for domiciliary events within 21 days of the event/birth. If 21 days has passed already then please visit B&D office for further instructions.

Documents required for Birth Registration

For Domiciliary Registrations

  • Deceleration from parents (in prescribed proforma)
  • Self attested address proof (Voter Card, Ration Card, UIDAI Aadhar, running Bank Account, passport, telephone/electricity/water/gas bill)

For Institutional/Hospital Registrations

It is sole responsibility of concerned hospital to register birth details at concerned registrar office. You don't need to worry about anything here. However just for the precaution purpose, please ask the hospital authorities about registration. Be in constant touch with them to know latest status. You are not allowed to report any event that has taken place in some medical institution.

Are there any deadlines for Birth Registration?

Sort of YES! You are advised to register birth details within 21 days of the event. You can obviously register it later but in that case you need to go through additional formalities. Below we have summed up the entire case:

More than 21 and up to 30 days
Late Fee + Information in prescribed proforma (Form 1)
More than 30 days and less than 1 year
Late Fee + Form 1 + Form 10 (Non Availability Certificate) + Declaration/Affidavit from the applicant + Permission from the competent authority
More than 1 year
Late fee + Form 1 + Form 10 + Applicant's deceleration/affidavit + orders from first class magistrate

Check crsorgi Birth Certificate Status Online

You can check your birth certificate status online through application number generated at time of registration. Here is step by step procedure of how to check live status: Login Login
  • Enter your User ID and password details
  • Enter the captcha code and hit Login button
  • Check for "Status" option
  • Enter your application number and hit search button
  • You will now see live birth certificate status printed on screen
In order to make any changes to birth certificate later (name, gender, address etc) then please visit concerned office for complete procedure. For now such requests can be entertained there only.

Birth Certificate Sample Application Form PDS Download

Below are sample application forms for birth registration using CRS. Forms are divided into 2 sections.
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1-A
CRSORGI Borth Registration Form 1-A
These are the only two forms which should be taken as reference only. You can get them through both online and offline resources as well.

crsorgi gov in Death Certificate Registration Online

Registration for death certificate using CRSORGI is easy and follows exact steps as birth registration. You can use below steps to register death entries with the system:
  • Visit official website (similar to birth case)
  • Signup after filling all the mentioned columns
  • List down details related to activity
  • Once done, hit the submit option and print the application form
Similar like birth reports, you are requested to submit death certificate application within 21 days of the incident. Any delay will cause similar sort of troubles what we have already seen with earlier cases. In this case you need to submit Form 2 (information in prescribed proforma) and Form 10 (Non Availability Certificate) on any delay with registration. You will need permissions from government officials on same route as what we have discussed already for the case of birth registration.

Once you have death certificate with you, do not forget to remove the active entry from all possible accounts like ration card, pension system (if applicable), family's head position etc (basically wherever possible). In order to avoid any trouble during tough time, please try to complete these tasks as soon as possible.

Death Certificate Sample Application Forms PDF Download

Check out 2 samples below:
CRSORGI Death Report Form 2
CRSORGI Death Report Form 2
CRSORGI Death Report Form 3
CRSORGI Death Report Form 3
This is all about how Civil Registration System operates across country. It is mainly used for maintaining birth and death records only. As you might have anticipated from the content already, please make sure to complete all the formalities well within stipulated time of 21 days. If things are not done within this timeline, then it might become bit messy with additional approvals.

Please let us know if you have any queries with any topic related to CRS in India.



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