ddoreq Telangana: DDO Bill Status, Login, Register, Salary Slips 2017-18


Telangana Government has digitized DDO Requests all across the state. Now DDO's in all organization can perform salary bill related tasks online. With help of the digital TS DDO Portal, government employees can document their salary pay bills to submit it online to Treasury website. Here in this article, you will get answers to below queries:

  • How to register with Telangana DDO portal
  • DDO Bill status
  • TS DDO Login
  • Telangana Employees Pay Slip using DDO
  • How to prepare Telangana PRC Arrears Bill
  • Useful FAQs
DDO is a very simple thing to proceed with. We have tried to feature step by step process of how to perform basic day to day tasks with online portal. In case you find anything missing please let us know though comments.


Register/Login Online with DDOReq Telangana and File Claims

Only DDO in a particular organization is expected to register and login to DDO portal. Below is step by step details on how DDO can login to online portal:

DDO Claims Online
DDO Claims Online
  • Enter your area DDO code and password
  • Hit Submit option
  • There is no change in login codes expect the Hyderabad offices that are now part of Andhra Pradesh. For them code will start from 27 and for Telangana it will start from old 25 digits
  • After login, you will see various options like Basic Pay, PF, GIS, Professional Tax etc
  • Proceed as per the requirement
This is how one can login to official portal for generating salary bill claims.

Important Instructions:

All the DDO's are requested to monthly reconciliation reports on last day of the month, If someone is unable to do so then it might cause delay in salaries for subsequent month.

How to prepare PRC Arrears Bill using DDOREQ

Below is step by step procedure on how officers can prepare PRC's using the softwrae portal. Follow below steps one by one:

  • Login to DDO portal using above mentioned steps
  • You will see below screen/options
  • Chose DA Arrears & PRC option from the left menu
  • Use Employee Aadhar Report option to verify details of employees who have linked their Aadhar Numbers with the account
  • If some employee has not linked his/her Aadhar account then make sure to get it integrated yourself. Without Aadhar card linkage, you won;t be able to generate arrears report
  • DDO can also update UIDAI entries using Aadhar Number entry option
  • Please follow this link for complete details thereafter: https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/PRC_ARR_INSTRUCIONS.pdf
This is how officers can generate PRC arrears report from the official portal.

Generate Employee Pay Slip using Telangana DDOReq

You can use the portal to generate pay slips of all government employees across the state. This function/tool is open to all the employees and anyone with valid details can generate their payslips very easily. Below is the step by step procedure of how to generate salary slips of Telangana employees:
Employee Pay Slip DDOREQ Telangana
Employee Pay Slip DDOREQ Telangana
  • Enter your employee code in the firs box
  • Enter Month and Year for which you want to generate the slip
  • Hit Submit button after filling the details
  • Your salary slip will be generated within seconds (depending upon internet speed and server load)
This is all about DDO Request across Telangana. Earlier (before Telangana came into existence), it was all a part of Andhra Pradesh state. Good news for TS officials is that the codes are not changes for any of the district (it is changed for the part of Hyderabad which falls in AP state). Please let us know if you have any queries. We would be happy to help you here.