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Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) Telangana is a constitutional body to maintain and regulate transport standards across the state. In this article we will help you with below activities related to Telangana  RTA:

  • Driving license registration in Telangana (Learning/Main)
  • Status Check
  • Driving License Forms, Documents
  • Search
  • Telangana Transport Department Driving License
  • RTA Ranga Reddy Hyderabad, Telangana
  • How to make changes to driving license in TS
  • RTO Registration Number
  • lot more

Driving License Online Apply: Telangana

Throughout the state you have two options of either applying for learner's or proper driving license. Lerner's license comes with limitations like they are not supposed to drive in public places. It can be though of an entry level permit that can be used to grip the vehicles hold better on less traffic roads. Proper license have no such rules/restrictions however.

Apply for Learner's Driving License in Telangana
Learner's Driving License in Telangana
Learner's Driving License in Telangana
  • It will ask you to book slot for learner's driving license test
  • Choose your district and and test center nearby
  • After this you need to select dates (depending upon your and official's availability)
Booking Slot for Learning License TS
Booking Slot for Learning License TS
  • Choose the desired time slot
  • Now fill in below form to confirm your registration
Application Form for Learner's Driving License in Telangana
Application Form for Learner's Driving License in Telangana
This is how you can book a slot for driving license test in Telangana. Now appear in the test and follow instructions carefully.

Apply for Driving License in Telangana

You need to have learning driving license before applying for the main. You can apply for fresh registration using below steps:
Driving License Form Telangana
Driving License Form Telangana
  • Fill in details for your learning number, DOB, Name etc
  • Once done hit the submit button to proceed further
  • Choose the slots and appear in the test
This is how you can apply for fresh license across any part of Telangana.

How to Register New Vehicle in Telangana

Registration of new vehicle used to be a tedious task from always. Here state government has tried to lower down the tediousness level by bringing it to e-world. Below is how to apply for vehicle registration online all across TS:

e-Services Telangana
e-Services Telangana
  • Select "New Vehicle Registration" option
Vehicle Registration in Telangana
Vehicle Registration in Telangana
  • Enter TR, Chassis Number (last 5 digits only) in the respective boxes and hit OK button
  • Fill in applicant's details
  • Submit the details once done
Your registration process has just initiated now. You can 040 - 23370081,040 - 23370083,040 - 23370084 numbers to get status anytime.

How to apply for Duplicate and Renewal of RC in Telangana

You can anytime apply for duplicate or renew your RC online. Below is how to do it:
  • Visit either of the option "Duplicate of RC" or "Renewal of RC" from the master link shared above
Duplicate_Renew RC in Telangana
Duplicate_Renew RC in Telangana
  • Choose kind of application you want to go with (renewal, duplicate RC, Hire Purchase Agreement, NOC/CC, Address change etc)
  • Hit OK button to open next form
  • Fill in details like Registration Number and last 5 digits of chassis number to get details
  • Fill respective forms to complete your actions
This is how you can complete things related to RC in TS.

You can also use the same link to register for other important activities like international driving license, conductor license, fitness certificate, trade certificate etc.

How to Search Status of any Driving License in Telangana

It is easy to search and get live online status for any driving license in Telangana. Follow below steps to do it:
Search Telangana Driving License
Search Telangana Driving License
  • Enter your license number
  • Hit Get Data option
Your details will now be printed on the computer/mobile screen.

Documents Required for Driving License

You will need basic level documents for age and address proofs. You can use ration card, birth certificate for meeting both the requirements.

This is all about Driving License process in Telangana. Please let us know if you need any assistant for any task.


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