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Himachal Pradesh Government has opened gates to online electricity bill payment through hpseb.com official portal. This service is similar to what Delhi people use through BSES portal. In this article we will guide you with step by step details on how to submit online electricity bill in HP. With this e-service, you don't need to wait in long queues for completing the billing process. Just enter your bill details and pay the amount through proper channel. You will learn below things here:

  • How to generate electricity bill in HP
  • Pay online bill in Himachal
  • Contact details of officials
  • New user registration/quick payment options
  • Useful FAQs
Unlike Delhi and most of the other states, in Himachal you will be paying electricity bill directly at official state government portal. It is mostly governed by state body and you will experience a hassle free experience every time.

How to pay Electricity Bill Online in Himachal Pradesh

As discussed earlier, state Government has its own medium to collect bills online. You can pay electricity bill online using below steps:
Electricity Bill Online in Himachal Pradesh
Electricity Bill Online in Himachal Pradesh
  • You have 2 options now. One is for Quick Pay (without login) and other is by logging in to your account
  • If you are in hurry then go with quick pay or else if you want to continue paying your bills online in future then we would suggest you to create free account (it will help you with history and other details)
  • If you choose Quick Pay, enter your K number in the box provided (it is a 10 digit number printed on your electricity bill)
  • You will be shown amount to be paid on next screen
  • Choose your payment method (online net banking and credit/debit cards) and make the transaction
  • Once you make the transaction, you will receive acknowledgment mail and it will be confirmed within next 2-3 days (whether your bill is submitted successfully or not)
  • In case of any unsuccessful transaction, your money will be refunded within next 10 days

How to create free account with Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board

As discussed already, it is preferred to create account if someone have plans to pay bills online in future. It will help you with tracking your previous entries + you will not need to fill-in details again and again. Below is how you can create free account with state electricity board:
  • If you check above link (mentioned in above section) then you will find "New User Register Here" option at center part
  • Visit this option to open below page
Account Registration with Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board
Account Registration with Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board
  • Enter K Number (KNO) printed on your electricity bill. It is same across all bills and will be unique as per the customers
  • Enter your mobile number in the second box. Make sure to enter active number here as you will be getting latest updates to this number only
  • Email ID is the last thing that you need to put in 3rd box. You will be assigned a temporary password which will be sent to this email ID
  • Once everything is done, hit the Register button and checkout your mail for temporary password
  • Login using temp password and change it immediately (you will get prompt to change it or else you can get it changed from Accounts/Settings menu)
  • You can now use email-id and password for login
Important FAQs

How safe is it to pay Electricity Bills online in HP?

If done correctly, it is 100% safe to pay your bills online. Make sure not to reveal your account details to anyone online. Be aware of phishing attacks. If you find anything dubious, please sign out from session and login again. Payment part is handled through trusted gateways so you don't need to worry much. However just be bit active to avoid any sort of bad experience.

What all payment modes are accepted for now?

As of now you can pay through net banking (all commercial banks are covered), debit and credit cards. You will not face any difficulty here.

What is K Number in Electricity Bill?

K Bill is 10 digit unique number that is unique to every customer. You can find it printed on your electricity bill.

Where will I get payment receipt/bill acknowledgment?

Once you pay the amount, it will take 2-3 days to process your request. You will get details at provided/registered email address mobile number.

Please let us know if you need any more help.


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